Undo It! How to prevent and reverse chronic lifestyle disease.

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I love the new book, UnDo It!by Dean Ornish, M.D., and Anne Ornish. It gets right to the point about how simple lifestyle changes can prevent, and even reverse, chronic lifestyle diseases. It’s a science-backed, love-based program that focuses on four major components:

·      A whole-foods, plant-based diet

·      Moderate exercise

·      Stress management

·      Love, social support and intimacy

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Maybe. But the truth is, we often know what to do, we just need help doing it, and that’s what I do every day for my clients.

I’m curious: Do you know how to eat to feel your best? Is moderate, enjoyable movement a part of your world? Do you need to chill the heck out? Would you like to know how to live a happier, healthier life?

I ask out of curiosity, never judgment because I know making change can be a challenge, especially without the right support.  

If you’re curious about how to feel your best, particularly after the age of 50, then I am excited to share with you my next program:

Feel Your Best After 50!

This 12-week, one-on-one, phone or video coaching program is designed to help you feel your very best into your 50’s, 60’s and beyond. Believe me, I know that some things just get harder as we get older. But I’m here to tell you that we canfeel our best, starting right now! 

Maybe you would like to:

·      Lose some weight

·      Lower your cholesterol without drugs

·      Reduce stress and sleep better

·      Boost your mood and let go of anxiety

·      Have more energy

Many of my clients tell me they want to learn how to age healthily, so they can travel, be as active as ever and enjoy their families. 

Where in your life would you like to feel better? As your Personal Health Coach, I’m here to help.

If you’re ready to feel your best regardless of your age, click here to schedule a free 45-minute discovery call to find out more about how this program can help you Feel Your Best After 50! 

Here’s to feeling your very best!